Commercial Installation and Repair

commercial meter panel

If you are a business owner or property manager, why take the chance of having an unqualified person tamper with your electrical service or maintain your electrical system? Today’s businesses are heavily dependent on computers, printers, servers and other sensitive electronic equipment, so having a good electrical system in place is key. There is never a convenient time to lose power, so your electrical wiring should be up to code and free from all electric hazards and short circuits. Eagle Electrical Systems is a fully licensed and insured commercial electrical contractor.

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Electrical Design Services

Eagle Electrical System’s conceptual design capabilities align each project’s function, scope, cost, and schedule with client objectives to optimize project success. The conceptual design phase offers the best opportunity to assess business, commercial, and technical risks; and to improve return on investment.

During conceptual design, Eagle Electrical Systems establishes the early project definition of the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) requirements and a detailed project estimate.

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Home Wiring


Wiring in Texas Home

If you are working on a remodel or new home construction and need a company that specializes in home wiring. Eagle Electrical Systems is your wiring expert – whether you are planning a kitchen remodel, or a whole home remodel, a new addition or detached garage. In Fort Worth or Dallas; Eagle Electrical Systems has experienced and licensed electricians that will work with you during the design and construction phases of your project. We want to provide outstanding service and meet all of your expectations.

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Freshaire 5000

Ozone Generator

FreshAire 5000

The FreshAire equipment was designed with simplicity in mind. To operate the system, just plug it in and flip the switch to the “On” position. As soon as the blue (ultraviolet) light appears, the odor control system is functioning.  Do not stare directly at the ultraviolet bulb as it could cause blindness. Reflected ultraviolet light does NOT cause blindness. For OPTIMAL operation,

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Home Automation

Home Automation Electrician in Dallas, Texas

Demand for home automation as increased since solutions have become more affordable. The demand for integrating electrical services and home automation will continue to increase. Home automation systems provide greater convenience, time savings, personal security and comfort. Simplify the transition to a home automation system with the help of Eagle Electrical Systems – the expert home automation electrician installer. A basic home automation system controls a group of subsystems

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Lighting Design Specialists

Interior Lighting Design

Exterior Lighting Design

Whether your exterior or interior areas could use additional lighting or not is up to you. Let Eagle Electrical Systems help you with Designs that will accent the areas you want accented and we will make your job that much easier.

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