Neo-Tec XJ 1000 Air Purifier Home and Car

Introducing our newest NeoTec ionic air purifier – the XJ-1000. This amazing air purifier creates an electronic ion breeze without the annoying sound of a fan or motor and without any filter to replace or clean. This unit uses advanced electronic ionizing breeze technology.

The XJ-1000 produces clean and fresh air with complete silence. It is capable of dissolving and neutralizing assorted effluviums, body odors, poisonous gases, many germs and the nasty remnants of cigarette smoke.

The active oxygen produced by the XJ-1000 enhances the oxygen absorption capacity of blood, revitalizes body cells, eliminates fatigue and helps relieve neurasthenia, headaches, insomnia and melancholia caused by central nerve disorders. It also promotes metabolism and strengthens your physique by increasing oxygen circulation.

The NeoTec XJ-1000 can be placed on any flat surface, desktop, or can be hung on the wall with included hardware. The power consumption is only 3.4W. There is no need to replace filter materials as this unit is filterless!! The unit includes both AC and DC power adapters.

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