Neo-Tec XJ 2000 Air Purifier Home and Car

The XJ-2000, one of our best selling air purifiers, is capable of generating tremendous ion output without the use of an annoying fan or motor. This ionizer silently produces clean and fresh air. The active oxygen produced enhances the oxygen absorption capacity of blood, vitalizes body cells, eliminates fatigue and helps relieve neurasthenia, headache, insomnia and melancholia caused by central nerve disorders. It also promotes metabolism and strengthens the physique.

The static electricity metal dust collector captures finer particles suspended in the air: dust, pollen, mold dust mites, allergens, pet dander, smoke and bacteria. Active oxygen neutralizes poisonous gas and eliminates unpleasant smells from the kitchen, pet den and bathroom, and constantly gives you clean and fresh air without synthetic fragrance. You never have to replace any filter, simply take out the dust collector to clean periodically.

This compactly built air purifier can be placed on any flat surface and desktop, or can hang on the wall. It is very easy to operate and maintenance free. Simply plug the unit into an electric socket, select continuous or micro-computer controlled cyclical operation mode depending on pollution condition and size of your room. After about 2 weeks of operation, you will discover plenty of airborne pollutants captured by the dust collector. The pollutants will not deposit around the air purifier or dirty your wall. It is an ideal air purifier for bedroom, living room, study, hotel, hospital ward and any vehicles.

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